is with great pleasure that we announce the official settlement at 2:33pm Friday, 26th June 2020, of the purchase of 7 Hedland Place, Karratha.

Pictured above: Chairman John Ashburton receiving the keys.

This is a very proud and significant even for the PKKP people- as the securing of a physical site provides the cooperation and the membership a stable base to manage the Native Title rights and interests of the PKKP people including- administrative operations, developing programs, service delivery and to raise our profile in the Pilbara.

We pay tribute to, and are grateful for, the contribution and effort by our PKKP Elders and members in the very early years, which culminated in the ability to make significant economic purchase in the present day.

We look forward to the further development and growth of the corporation in its new home and the opportunity to welcome members at the new premises. Thank you for the collaborative efforts of board, management and staff in achieving this milestone.

Kind regards,
Carol Meredith
Chief Executive Officer