PKKP Native Title Determination: 5th Anniversary

Today, we celebrate five years since the native title rights of the Puutu Kunti Kurrama and Pinikura (PKKP) were legally recognised.

On September 2, 2015, after a 14-year legal process, we received our consent determination of native title at a Federal Court hearing on-country at House Creek on Mount Stuart Station, 200km north-west of Paraburdoo.

In handing down the decision, Justice Neil McKerracher said: “Making a determination of native title, the court is not creating it, as such, but rather recognising what has always existed.”

This was a momentous day that recognised the PKKP people’s non-exclusive rights to the land and marked a significant milestone not only for the PKKP, but also other native title claimants in the area.

Despite our more recent challenges, we stand as proud today as we did on this day five years ago. Today is a special day for us all.

At times like this we recognise the persistent and enduring leadership of our Elders, past and present. It is through their tireless efforts that we stand where we do today.