Rio Tinto Iron Ore’s rail network is the largest privately-owned and operated rail system in Australia. It currently services 16 mines via mainline systems of more than 1,700 kilometres.

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Rail access roads

The rail access roads are privately-owned and run parallel to our network throughout the Pilbara, providing maintenance access to the railway. In order to drive on the rail access roads you must hold a valid permit.

General public

30 day general public permits can be obtained by visiting your closest north west visitor centre or completing a short online training module.

Rio Tinto employees

If you are a permanent Rio Tinto employee you can access the training through your training profile or by contacting the Rail training team.

Company permits

Companies working in the Pilbara can travel on the rail access roads if the vehicle driver carries a copy of a company permit, they have a completed the online training, and the vehicle is registered and roadworthy. The permit does not cover sub-contractors unless specific arrangements have been made. Company permits are valid for 12 months.

Infringements will be issued for any persons who breach the safety requirements of the rail access roads. An initial breach will result in a formal notification and any subsequent breach may result in access being denied and your permit withdrawn.

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