Media Statement – Government response Missing Respect for PKKP people

The PKKP Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC is angry and disappointed and with the announcement in Canberra today of the Federal Government’s response to the Joint Select Committee Report into the destruction of Juukan Gorge.

PKKP Chairman Burchell Hayes said the Corporation could not comment on the Response because they had not been consulted on the content.

“All of this started with the destruction of our cultural heritage, everyone keeps on telling us they are sorry about it, but actions speak louder than words,” Mr Hayes said.

“It seems like a media event in Canberra is more important than giving us the respect of asking us what can be done to try and stop something like the destruction of the Juukan rock shelters happening again, or even letting us know what the government is planning.

“We received an email a couple of days ago from the Minister’s Office that this was happening but no real detail or meaningful follow-up.

“We would have expected the Minister would want to meet with us before making a public announcement about our Country and cultural heritage. It is disappointing the media know more than we do.”

Mr Hayes said today’s events had confirmed that the PKKP peoples, not governments, had to look after themselves when it came to their country.

“We have tasted the devastation and we know what needs to be done.”

*Note to media: The Corporation will not be providing any further comment and only the PKKP can and should speak on behalf of their land.

Media Contact:
Casey Cahill +61 413 992 195
Simon Bailey +61 400 248 880